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Developing cutting-edge technologies in the design and realisation of industrial applications, in interpreting production needs by providing winning solutions to the global market are the mission of Autin S.p.A.

Autin S.p.A. was founded in 1968 by Benassi Secondino & C., already a market leader in the ceramic industry, establishing itself as a primary company specialised in treatment and preparation of clays, batching and mixing of powders.

With registered office in Castellarano (Reggio Emilia) on the borders of Sassuolo’s ceramic district Autin S.p.A. Autin S.p.A. boasts an industrial establishment complete with a 7,000m² office building, extending over a total surface of 15,000 m² .

A 50-year business allowed to gain an inestimable know-how, Autin S.p.A. presents itself as a market leader in the construction of complete systems for the systems and machinery for the production of premix powders, , boasting partnerships with the primary industrial groups worldwide.

A team of highly specialized,, experienced and reliable technicians is able to meet any customer’s requirements, starting from the initial didesign phase up to the realization and final testing of the system, while ensuring ongoing assistance and professionalism over time.

Autin S.p.A. pursues its goals of meeting ever more dynamic market demands by developing reliable and technologically state-of-the-art plant engineering solutions for different fields of expertise, namely to the industry of: premix products, adhesives, stuccos, ceramics, bricks and raw materials in general..


Avant-garde and propensity for the future of the founder Gr. Uff. Benassi Secondino, can be deduced from this presentation document of the new industrial factory of Autin S.p.A. built in 1980.

A brochure translated into four languages just to inform customers of the past, present and future, on the corporate development, with the aim of achieving innovation and technology goals applied to industrial process plant engineering.